Different Ways To Use Vitamin E Capsule On Your Skin

Vitamin E tablets and capsules are the storehouse of health benefits. Vitamin E is mostly known for its benefits for skin health. Do you know vitamin E capsules can also be applied on the face to reduce inflammation and make the skin look younger.

As Overnight Cream

Vitamin E capsules are great most arises and can be used as an overnight cream. All you need to do is mix the few drops of Vitamin E oil with your regular night cream and apply it all over your washed face. It acts as a serum and provides enough moisture to the skin during night. For better results apply it 30 minutes crashing on your bed  to avoid your pillows and sheet getting ruined.

As Nail Growth Serum

Hands are constantly doing different kinds of chores throughout the day, be it cleaning dishes, cooking, gardening or washing clothes. Every activity impacts your nails in the form of cracking, chipping and peeling. Because of the bad nail health, they might start breaking or turn yellow. To make your nail health better all you need is the best vitamin E capsule. Use the oil to massage the nails, skin and cuticles around the nails gently. Best time to do this practice before bedtime, so that the nails get good moisture.

As Hair Mask

Vitamin E capsules can also do wonders to your hairs. Take a vitamin E capsule and squeeze the oil from it and mix it with the regular hair oil. Then gently massage the scalp and leave it for 2 to 3 hours. Wash it with shampoo and warm water. For better results you can use it twice a week. You will get the visible results after 2 to 3 washes.

As an Anti-Wrinkle Cream

If you are dealing with those wrinkles and fine lines then it doesn’t mean you have to spend your hard earned money on those fancy anti-wrinkle creams, you can get great results using vitamin E oil on skin. Yes, you read that right! Massage your skin with vitamin E oil, doing this will not only improve the skin structure but also make the skin firm and glowing.

As a Sunburn Remedy

If you have a sensitive skin prone to sunburn, then vitamin E oil is what can provide the relief to your skin. Its moisturising power can treat the dry, flaky skin and sunburn. Sunburn can cause itchiness, you can use vitamin E oil with cooling cream to soothe your skin and reduce redness.

Vitamin E oil can also be used to relieve dry and chapped lips. Using it on your lips brings the new cells to the surface quickly and prevents further irritation. You can buy the best vitamin E products and supplements only from the trusted and certified online stores like Amazon, HealthKart to name a few.

If you use any vitamin E hair mask, face mask, feel free to share it with us in the comment section below.

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