4 Handy Hacks to Ensure You Get the Most Out of Your Invisalign Treatment

4 Handy Hacks to Ensure You Get the Most Out of Your Invisalign Treatment

As the capital of Victoria, Australia, Melbourne sits at the helm of offering advanced healthcare treatments. This includes Invisalign procedures, which is the modern way to align your teeth and improve your bite. Although there are almost 2,000 registered dental practices in Melbourne, they are not created equal. Remember, only certified orthodontists are qualified to straighten your teeth.

Remember, the Invisalign procedure is a great option for those who don’t want to wear traditional metal braces. Invisalign is less painful than brackets, more aesthetically pleasing, and offers the best convenience because you can take it out during meals or when brushing. After investing in an invisalign in Melbourne to get that lovely smile of your dreams, you want to ascertain you get the most out of it. Follow these helpful hacks for the best results:

Don’t Forget to Floss Daily

People make it a habit to brush, but sadly, flossing is often forgotten. When you wear clear aligners, flossing is more critical than ever. Your plastic contraption will tend to hold gunk that’s leftover after your usual oral hygiene routine.

As a result, the gunk stays on the surface of your teeth as it rests on the aligners. The plastic liner also prevents saliva from doing what they’re supposed to, which is to get in between the crevices of your teeth. For this reason, you must floss daily to prevent dental caries and plaque formation.

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Stick to the Directions of the Ortho

Your ortho will give your specific instructions for cleaning and wearing, so be sure to follow them for the best results. For cleaning, you can use Invisalign products or regular soap and water. Don’t ever use toothpaste as it can scratch the plastic. Generally, for the first two days of each new aligner tray, you must use it for as long as you can, for 48 hours. You can only take it out when brushing and flossing. After, you have to pop the aligners back into place.

Certainly, you must wear your aligners for maximum efficiency, but you must be more vigilant these two days when the aligner trays are new. For the rest of the days, you have to make it a point to wear them for at least 22 hours a day. This assures the best and fastest results.

Change the Aligners in the Right Order and Time

When your orthodontist tells you it is time to move onto a different aligner tray, you must abide by it. Your Invisalign treatment will only work if you don’t mix up the aligner trays. Attempting to hasten the treatment by using different trays improperly will only set you back.

Always stick to your orthodontist’s advice. After all, you are paying more for this alternative procedure. Follow the professional’s treatment plan and do not deviate. If you stick to this, you will get your money’s worth from your invisalign in Melbourne treatment.

Take Time to Adjust to the Aligners

Remember, your aligners may feel odd, especially as you break them in. However, this feeling will not evoke extreme pain. As you wear your aligners properly every day, your mouth will get used to it and adjust.

On top of that, you may notice you speak with a lisp with new aligners. There is no other way around this but to keep on speaking with the try inside. Don’t take out the tray, but persevere with practising with it in place. Just like the uncomfortable sensation, you will also get used to speaking with it and eventually talk without a lisp. Stick to all of this, and in no time, you will be able to give a dazzling, straight smile!